1.8-Inch Sheepsfoot Tip Cable Splicing Knife with In-Handle Blade Cover Storage

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Make splicing telecom and electrical cables easier with this specially designed cable splicing blade from Estwing. Made from durable and corrosion resistant 3Cr13 stainless steel, this 1.8-inch bladed knife features a sheepsfoot style blade that cuts easily through cable jackets and insulation. The curved tip allows the knife to be used to slice lengthwise down cables to remove outer insulation without the risk of digging into and damaging interior wires. A notch at the base of the blade can be used to trim insulation from smaller wires.

The ergonomic handle features a dual durometer design with a hard polypropylene plastic (PP) core with a softer, easier to grip TPR rubber molded overlay for maximum comfort and control. A lanyard hole on the handle end allows attachment of a wrist loop for added security when working at heights or for easier storage on a tool board or hanging from a tool belt. A protective blade cover is included to prevent damage to the blade during storage and transport and a convenient storage compartment in the handle holds the cover when the knife is in use. Tool measures 6.2-inches in length overall making it easy to add to your existing linesman’s or electrician’s tool belt.

Product Details


  • PRECISION BLADE - 1.8-inch long precision blade ideal for removing cable jackets and insulation
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE- Ergonomic dual durometer PP and TPR handle for maximum durability and grip
  • CORROSION RESISTANT - 3Cr13 stainless steel blade resists rust and corrosion for lasting reliability
  • LANYARD HOLE - Lanyard hole on handle allows easy attachment of a wrist loop or hanging from a tool belt
  • BLADE COVER - Included blade over can be stored inside the handle for convenience
  • COMPACT TOOL - Tool measures 6.20-inches in overall length from handle end to sheepsfoot blade tip