1-Inch Wide Hex Shaft Cold Chisel

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Equally suited to shearing off seized nuts, bolts, and rivets, as it is cutting rough edges off castings and cleaning burrs, this Estwing cold chisel is built to last. Drop forged in a single piece from EN9 high carbon steel to provide it with lasting strength and durability, this handy tool has a hardened edge to allow it to cut through iron, mild steel, brass, bronze, copper, and other soft metals faster, leaving cleaner cuts. The shaft is painted in Estwing blue to provide increased protection for the tool from rust and corrosion. The hexagonal shaft profile of this 1-inch wide tipped chisel makes it easier to hold without worrying about it twisting during use. Ideal for use in machining, casting, welding and general working, forming and shaping of metal when you need to remove rough edges and flashing from casts, clean away burrs from drilling and cutting, and many more.

Product Details


  • MULTI-USE - Durable tool ideal for cutting nuts, bolts, rivets, and shaping soft materials
  • 1-INCH TIP- 1-inch wide tip for precision use without damaging surround material
  • CARBON STEEL - Drop forged from EN9 high carbon steel for lasting strength and durability
  • HARDENED EDGE - Hardened edge for cleaner, faster removal with fewer blows and less tip
  • HEX SHAFT - Hexagonal tool shaft for increased grip to prevent twisting during use and increase strength
  • PAINTED SHAFT - Tool shaft features a protective painted finish for increased rust resistance
  • ADDITIONAL USES - General purpose shape and design great for cleaning burrs, casting edges, and more