11-Inch Maintenance Tool Tote

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Product Description

Designed and constructed for maximum utility and ultimate reliability, this easily portable 11-inch Estwing maintenance tool tote helps carry the tools you need to get work done. This bag is made with rugged 1800D polyester fabric that can hold up to long, hard use on the most demanding job sites.

The outside of the bag sports 3 open top pockets, a neoprene self-closing fastener pouch, a zipper secured pocket for small tools and items, a rivet secured steel tape measure clip, and a tape strap to provide additional exterior storage. The main compartment has a hook-and-loop secured divider that can be removed to allow for easier carrying of larger power tools, or bulky saws. The interior floor of the bag is made from a single piece of puncture resistant polyethylene (PE) to keep saw blades and other sharp tools from piercing through and 4 interior pockets help organize stored tools. The outside bottom of the bag also features a hard plastic boot that provides a stable base when the bag is set down while also adding durability and moisture resistance.

The included padded shoulder strap features durable steel hardware and makes a convenient way to transport tools to and from the job site.

  • DURABLE - Constructed of rugged 1800D polyester fabric with top grain leather accents and a stiff PE liner for long lasting durability
  • REMOVABLE DIVIDER - Hook-and-loop secured divider is removable to allow for larger tools to be stored
  • NEOPRENE FASTENER POCKET - An overlapping neoprene side pocket securely holds screws, nails, and other fasteners
  • ZIPPERED POCKET - A zipper secured side pocket provides convenient storage for small tools and parts
  • SINGLE PIECE FLOOR - Single piece polyethylene interior floor protects against sharp tools and saw blades, preventing punctures
  • HARD BASE - Bag features a hard plastic exterior bottom that adds stability and moisture resistance
  • INCLUDED SHOULDER STRAP - Adjustable padded shoulder strap is included for convenient transport to and from the job site