6-Pound Brass Sledge Hammer, 30-Inch Indestructable Handle

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Product Description

Tackle metalworking, automotive, mining, or industrial projects with the hard-hitting power of this Estwing brass sledge hammer. Designed and built for heavy-duty use, this hammer features an 6 lb. forged head that is made from drop forged brass.

The resulting softer head will mushroom when striking harder materials like iron and steel, preventing damage to struck objects with finished surfaces that would be easily damaged by a hardened steel hammer. Because the head is made of soft brass, it resists sparking during use making it ideal for use in mining, natural gas and oil drilling and refining, and any area where tools that might cause sparks during use cannot be used.

This head is mounted to a 30-inch long, indestructible handle that consists of an ergonomic shock-absorbing vulcanized rubber handle overlay that hides 6 spring steel bars that run its full length providing exceptional overstrike protection in addition to additional impact force.

Steel locking plates and a specialized bonding process secure the head to the handle and ensure that it never loosens. For added confidence and convenience when working and for storage the handle also has a steel reinforced lanyard hole at the base to allow for a wrist strap or hanging loop to be attached without fear that it will tear free over time from wear.
  • VERSATILE - 30-inch handled tool provides hard hitting power without sparking; ideal for construction, metalworking, automotive, and industrial use
  • BRASS HEAD - 6-pound hammer head is forged from drop forged brass that is less likely to leave marks on finished surfaces
  • INDESTRUCTABLE HANDLE - Indestructible handle has 6 spring steel bars that run all the way through the handle under the rubberized overlay
  • LOCKED HEAD - Steel locking plates and special bonding process locks the head in place and ensures that it never loosens
  • VULCANIZED RUBBER - Vulcanized rubber handle overlay is ozone resistant for use in tough outside environments
  • SHOCK ABSORBING - Ergonomic rubber handle provides comfortable grip to reduce fatigue and also absorb vibrations
  • REINFORCED LANYARD HOLE - Steel reinforced lanyard hole for wrist strap or hanging loop won't tear through over time