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A rocky romance

Joe Stavish

When some poor soul lost their Estwing geo pick decades ago, they never could have known how that misplaced tool would lay the groundwork, so to speak, for an unconventional love story about a man, his Estwing and the woman who loves them both.

“My first encounter with Estwing was as a teenager,” said Joe Stavish. “I found a geo pick on a fossil dig and was amazed at how strong, balanced and comfortable it was.”

When he got engaged several years later, Joe’s fiancée contacted the local geology club to ask what tool would make the best engagement gift. They only recommended one brand—Estwing.

But this was no off-the-shelf geo pick. It was engraved with the words, “Thanks for picking me. Love always, Chalupa.” (Chalupa is a nickname Joe gave her when they were dating.)

Engraved on his rock pick: “Thanks for picking me. Love always, Chalupa.”

“This engraved, leather-handled rock pick from my wife has traveled with us on every rock-hounding adventure over the years. I know it will last a lifetime, and it has a special place in my heart,” he said.

Perhaps Estwing should adopt a new tagline… Bringing couples together since 1923.