Product Videos

Open Estwing Al-Pro™ Hammer Video Modal

Al-Pro™ Hammer

Made from forged aircraft aluminum alloy, the AL-Pro is lighter than Titanium.

Open Estwing REXIT Rapid Exit & Exit Tool video modal

Rexit – Rapid Entry & Exit Tool

The optimal tool for breaching, ramming, forced entry and firefighting work.

Open Estwing Hammertooth® Hammer video modal

Hammertooth® Hammer

See why the HammerTooth design is the perfect tool for most every jobsite.

Open Estwing Morning in America video modal

It’s Morning in America

Estwing has been manufacturing forged striking tools in America since 1923.

Open Estwing Safety video Modal

Estwing Safety

At Estwing, safety is our top priority. Please view these guidelines for safe tool usage.

Open Estwing Outdoor Passion video modal

Estwing Outdoors

Estwing tools are made for those who have a passion for the outdoors.

Open Estwing Outdoor Hand Tools video modal

Outdoor Hand Tools

Estwing’s complete line of hunting, fishing, camping, tree trimming and fireplace tools.

Open Estwing Milled Framing Hammer video modal

Milled Framing Hammer

Estwing’s solid steel Milled Framing Hammer has a longer handle for more striking power.

Open Estwing Handy Bar video modal

Handy Bar

This versatile pry tool is forged half-round for added strength and less weight.

Open Estwing Nail Puller video modal

Nail Puller

Precision thin claw design allows you to remove embedded or headless nails with ease.

Open Estwing Drilling Hammer video modal

Drilling Hammer

Strong, reliable tool provides heavier blows in an environment where there is limited swing.

Open Estwing Bricklayer Hammer video modal

Bricklayer Hammer

The Big Blue Bricklayer has a wider blade and larger striking face for better performance.