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Each year, Estwing hosts a dinner honoring current and retired employees who have joined this exclusive club. And this year’s recognition event took on special significance as part of the iconic tool manufacturer’s 100-year anniversary celebration.

Estwing took its ongoing 100-Year Anniversary Celebration indoors, hosting a formal bash to celebrate a century of ground-breaking achievements for one of the world’s greatest hand tool makers.

A funny scene in the year’s biggest box office smash, Barbie, features a lively group of construction workers and a collection of Estwing products.

Estwing hosted a food- and fun-filled party this summer to celebrate the company’s 100-Year Anniversary and to thank all employees for their hard work and dedication to a brand that has become synonymous with hard work and American craftsmanship.

In the second season of the popular FX series Reservation Dogs, Bear (played by Woon-A-Tai) takes a crack at learning the craft of roofing.

Estwing tools are receiving their closeup in the major motion picture “The Quest for Tom Sawyer’s Gold,” just released on Amazon Prime. The Estwing Gooseneck Pry Bar and the iconic Estwing Leather-Wrapped Rock Pick are featured as key ingredients in the treasure hunters’ tool kit.