Estwing Moulding Puller

Estwing Moulding Puller

Product Description

The 10" and 12" moulding puller is made of fine tool steel, drop forged and tempered for extra durability. Chrome finish and comfortable blue cushion grip. Precision thin blade for removing moulding without damaging the wall. Slot in blade for removing small nails and brads. Other end has popular Japanese nail puller with precise and sharp claws for removing imbeded nails or headless nails with ease and minimal damage. Blade end for removing moulding precision claw allows finished nails to be pulled through moulding so the moulding can be reused.

  • Steel
  • Large pry blade on one end for precision
  • Chrome finish
  • Blue cushion grip
  • Two sizes: 10" and 12" length
  • Made in Taiwan / Japan


Item Number Overall Length
MP250G 10" / 254 mm
MP300G 12" / 305 mm