25 out of 100 years is an impressive record

Each year, Estwing hosts a dinner honoring current and retired employees who have joined this exclusive club. And this year’s recognition event took on special significance as part of the iconic tool manufacturer’s 100-year anniversary celebration.

Estwing celebrates 100 years in style!

Estwing took its ongoing 100-Year Anniversary Celebration indoors, hosting a formal bash to celebrate a century of ground-breaking achievements for one of the world’s greatest hand tool makers.

Estwing Tools Poised for Adventure

Estwing tools are receiving their closeup in the major motion picture “The Quest for Tom Sawyer’s Gold,” just released on Amazon Prime. The Estwing Gooseneck Pry Bar and the iconic Estwing Leather-Wrapped Rock Pick are featured as key ingredients in the treasure hunters’ tool kit.

Estwing Donates Rock Picks to Geological Students

What has become an annual tradition, Estwing donates hundreds of rock picks every year to geological students at 75 different universities. Because Estwing is the brand of choice among professional rock hunters, we’re glad to help the scientists of tomorrow “pick” the right tool for their adventures.

Estwing Donates to Job Corps Students Nationwide

Estwing is proud to partner with the Job Corps nationally to provide the tools needed to allow students to have access to the training they will need to succeed in professional building trades. Announced annually at the International Builders Show, Estwing donates hammers to help more students get hands-on experience with the equipment they’ll use at worksites.

Appearance on HGTV’s top-rated ‘Hometown’

Rumored to be a favorite brand of this popular TV show’s hosts, Estwing tools take the spotlight in a segment of the “Solid Foundation” episode. Erin and Ben get to work with Estwing sledge hammers, pry bars and a 16 oz nail hammer to assist with the teardown.

Appearance on HGTV’s ‘Buying Back the Block’ Announced

Actor Mike Epps and his wife, Kyra Epps, have partnered with HGTV for a 3-episode mini-series, Buying Back the Block, set to be released in the summer of 2023. The series will showcase the couple’s efforts to fix up buildings in Mr. Epps’ hometown of Indianapolis and will feature Estwing tools, including sledge hammers, pry bars and axes.