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Death of a Deadblow

Tom Taylor, Outdoor Living Designer

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a loyal friend. Someone who’s been by your side every day. Someone who’s always ready to help you tackle a tough project. Someone you can rely on when others let you down.

That’s how Tom Taylor, owner and founder of Hudson Valley Hardscapes in Pine Bush, New York, felt about his Estwing Deadblow when it finally dealt its last blow.

“Today was a sad day. My first deadblow hammer I purchased when I started my company has hit its last block today,” Tom wrote on Instagram. “Of all the deadblows I’ve bought over the years, this Estwing has been the best one. Rest in peace.”

Laying patio pavers with an Estwing deadblow hammer

“Of all the deadblows I’ve bought over the years, this Estwing has been the best one. Rest in peace.”

Tom began his outdoor design and build company nearly seven years ago as a young entrepreneur. What started out as a small lawn maintenance business has grown into designing and building paver walkways, patios, retaining walls and outdoor kitchens.

Although Tom has tried other deadblows in his work, he always goes right back to the Estwing.

“I can maybe get two or three months out of other brands. Hitting concrete block, they just fall apart,” he said. “I can’t say enough about the Estwing. That thing’s incredible and lasted practically forever.”

Tom was first introduced to Estwing tools by his uncle, who’s been building houses for more than 30 years.

“He bought an Estwing framing hammer when he started his company, and he still uses the exact same hammer today,” Tom said.

Hudson Valley Hardscapes uses a variety of Estwing tools, including hammers, mallets and framing hammers. “If I can get an Estwing, that’s always what I buy,” Tom said.

For those who think burial was an ignominious end for the faithful deadblow, not to worry; Tom still has his original deadblow. “We didn’t actually bury it. It might go in a glass box someday,” he said. “That hammer was on my toolbelt every single day. I refuse to just throw it out.”

Watch the video of Tom saying goodbye to his faithful friend.

Two Estwing deadblow hammers sitting in gravel
Tapping in patio paver with an Estwing deadblow hammer