Blacksmith’s Hammer (Fiberglass)

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The Sure Strike 32-oz. Blacksmith Hammer has a forged steel blue painted head which is hardened and tempered for maximum strength. The New England style head offers two very different striking surfaces. The face is fully polished and beveled to reduce chipping. This Blacksmith hammer has a 13.5-in. jacketed and textured yellow fiberglass handle which allows for heavier blows in an environment where there is limited swing. This is a strong reliable tool you can count on.

Made in Taiwan


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Product Details


  • Jacketed fiberglass
  • Smooth face
  • Three sizes: 32-, 40- and 64-oz. head weight
  • Made in Taiwan


Item Number Head Weight Overall Length
MRF32BS 32 oz / 907 g 13.5" / 343 mm
MRF40BS 40 oz / 1134 g 14" / 355 mm
MRF64BS 64 oz / 1.81 k 14" / 355 mm