Estwing Milled Face Framing Hammer With Nail Starter (Fiberglass)

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Estwing’s sturdy Milled Face Framing Hammer with nail starter in head has a double injection-molded fiberglass handle. The lightweight design has an ergonomically designed handle that is tapered to prevent the hammer from slipping from your grip. Available in 21- and 23-oz. sizes.

Made in Taiwan

Product Details


  • Jacketed fiberglass
  • Milled face
  • Two sizes: 21- and 23-oz. head weight
  • Nail starter
  • Made in Taiwan


Item Number Head Weight Overall Length
MRF21LM 21 oz / 595 g 17" / 432 mm
MRF23LM 23 oz / 652 g 17" / 432 mm