Replacement Sheaths (Axes)

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Durable nylon sheaths for Estwing Camper’s Axes, Sportsman’s Axes, Hunter’s Axes and Fireside Friend® Splitting Tools.

Made in Taiwan

Product Details


  • Durable nylon sheaths
  • Made in Taiwan


Item Number Use With
No. 9 E44A, E45A • Blue Camper's Axes
No. 15 E44ASE, E45ASE • Black Camper's Axes
No. 16 E24A, E24ASEA, EB-25A • Sportsman's Axes
No. 17 E24A, E6-25A • Sportsman's Axes
No. 20 EBHA, EOHA • Hunter's Axes
No. 25 E14A • Sportsman's Axe
No. 26 EOHA, EBHA • Hunter's Axes
No. 27 EO-25A • Orange Sportsman's Axe
No. 28 E3-FF4 • Blue Fireside Friend
No. 29 EFF4SE • Black Fireside Friend