Rubber Mallet Hammer (Black & Gray)

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24-oz. mallet has a hickory handle, dual hard plastic faces and tips connected by forged steel. This double-faced hammer is used for assembling furniture, setting dowels and wood projects that require non-marring blows. The hammer features two different types of heads, one soft and one hard, for working on various tasks. Genuine top-grade 12-in. curved hickory handle with triple wedge construction. The black cap is 77 Shore A; the white cap is 84 Shore A.

Made in USA

Product Details


  • Dual hard plastic faces: one hard, one soft
  • Non-marring
  • Hickory handle
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Item Number Head Weight Overall Length
DFH24 24 oz / 680 g 14" / 355 mm